Top TV Shows This Summer

This Summers Can’t Miss TV Shows

In the summer, television shows usually take a break while families spend more time outside rather than in front of the television. However, many shows have made their summer return or premier and we have a put together a list of TV shows you just can’t miss!

1.       The Bridge

Demian Bichir stars in the role of “Marco Ruiz,” a homicide investigator for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico living in Ciudad Juarez. A family man, Marco is one of the last good men in a corrupt and apathetic police force that is out-gunned by the powerful drug cartels. He’s sharp, charming, and observant and painfully aware that his city is in a state of chaos. When a body is dumped on the bridge that spans the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border, Ruiz is forced to work with his American counterpart, “Detective Sonya North.”


  • FX Channel- Wednesdays at 10pm.


2.       Devious Maids

In “Devious Maids,” murder and mayhem collide in the mansions of Beverly Hills wealthiest and most powerful families. Class warfare has never been as fun and dirty as it in the tony enclave where the staff is as clever, witty, outrageous and downright devilish as their employers. Whoever holds the dirt holds the power, and before the season is over, illicit affairs will be revealed and deep dark secrets exposed as we learn the sordid details behind a shocking murder of a beloved housemaid.


  • Lifetime Channel- Sundays at 10PM/9 Central


3.       Pretty Little Liars

A clique of teenage girls drift apart after the group’s leader, Alison DiLaurentis, goes missing. Her body is found and the girls are reunited at her funeral. All four begin receiving text messages from the mysterious ‘A’, who seems to know many of the group’s deepest secrets, some of which only the late Alison had knowledge of. The girls join forces against A’s scheming and try to uncover the mystery of Alison’s death. Back for the 4th season, Pretty Little Liars is slowing surfacing the secrets with suspension and mystery.


  • ABC Family – Tuesdays 8PM/7 Central


4.       Does Someone Have to Go?

On the new unscripted workplace experiment Does Someone Have to Go?, the boardroom doors get blown wide open when employees are given the power to make some tough decisions. Frustrated bosses will hand over the reins of their companies to the employees, offering their respective staffs a chance to make changes in the workplace- even if it means letting co-workers go.

  • Fox Channel – Thursday 9PM/8 Central

5.       Catfish: The TV Show

How do young people who’ve embraced the digital age find love? Often, it’s by connecting online with people they’ve never met in person. These days, messaging on iPhones has replaced the dinner date, and emailing through social media sites often substitutes for face-to-face conversations. The problem with this approach – the guy or girl you’ve fallen for could be lying about who they really are. This MTV series brings together couples who’ve interacted solely through their LCD screens. Over the course of months or even years – these romantics have become smitten-but what will happen when they meet in real life for the first time?


  • MTV – Tuesdays 10PM/9 Central


6.       Whodunnit?

It’s the marine insurance investigator in the dining room with the knife! From CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, the Clue-esque reality series tests 13 amateur sleuths’ deductive skills as they work to uncover who among them has committed a fictional murder in the glamorous estate they’re staying in, Rue Manor. They will even have access to crime scene investigation techniques. A new crime is presented each week and the player who unmasks the killer gets $250,000.

  • Premieres June 23 on ABC at 9PM/8 Central


7.       Under the Dome

The town of Chester’s Mill, Maine – population 1,976 – finds itself abruptly separated from the rest of the world by an invisible, semi-permeable barrier, which is so powerful that planes crash when they encounter it and pacemakers explode when close to it. Premiering on June 24th, this 13-episode series is based on a Stephen King novel, produced by Steven Spielberg and written by “Lost” scribe and comic book creator Brian K. Vaughan. The people in the town are cut off, with no idea why they’re stuck inside – not only with each other, but with a murderer on the loose.


  • Premiers June 24th pm CBS at 10PM/9 central


8.       Family Tree

Centers on 30-year old Tom Chadwick who, after losing his job and his girlfriend, begins exploring his family heritage after inheriting a mysterious box from a great aunt he never met. Unsure of his identity, he uncovers a world of unusual stories and characters as well as growing sense of who he and his real family are.


  • HBO – Sunday 10:30PM/9:30 Central


9.       The Bachelorette


Desiree Hartsock thought she would happily end up with Bachelor Sean Lowe. Their relationship started off incredibly strong, but somewhere along the way Desiree lost her confidence. After struggling to regain what they once had, Sean and Desiree seemed to be on the right track-until the hometown dates. Millions watched, stunned, as Sean sent Desiree home, and they feel even more in love with her as she struggled to tell him he was making a big mistake. Now it’s time for Desiree to call the shots when she gets her second chance to find love.


  • ABC – Monday 8PM/7 Central


10.   The Killing

Season three of The Killing will focus on a new case which will be resolved over the course of 12 episodes. The season begins one year after the close of the Rosie Larsen case (the focus of The Killing’s first two seasons), with Sarah Linden no longer working as a Seattle homicide detective. But when her ex-partner searches for a runaway girl leads him to discover a gruesome string of murders that may connect to a previous murder investigated by Linden, she is drawn back into the life she thought she’d left behind.


  • AMC – Sunday 9PM/8 Central

Do you watch any of these shows? Do you have TV shows that aren’t listed that keep you glued to the TV? Let us know!



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